I have a 20 acre lake that has been overtaken by carp and some catfish. Very little vegetation d/t the carp but some cattails are getting started. Very poor water quality in summer but not bad in fall and winter.(8-12 in. clarity at best)

I also have a 1 acre pond right next to it that does support game fish. It is fairly clean with some largemouth and bluegill.

I am going to try raising wipers for 1 year in my small pond and moving them to the 20-acre pond after they reach the 12-16in. range. I will feed them in the smaller pond and continue to do so in the larger pond.

I am willing to put in several hundred wipers per year in the larger pond. Will the wipers help get rid of my carp or am I wasting my time and money?

The 20-acre pond does support some crappie and bluegill. I am hoping they ravage everything in sight and I can restock it with LMB once the carp population decreases. Actually, I will be throwing some LMB in as I need to do some selective harvest in the small pond.