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Lower reproduction rate, hybrid vigor in regards to growth.

Thanks esshup.

Do the subsequent generations after the F1 hybrids experience slower growth and vigor in crappie?

If so, should a pond owner subsequently cull all small crappie in hand that are certainly not of the original hybrid stocking?

Further, should the pond owner plan on some type of ladder stocking scenario if they intend to create a hybrid crappie fishery?

Good questions. I don't have enough experience over time with them to answer those questions. I would cull small crappie no matter what the genetics though.

This is only the 5th year that we're stocking them, I will have to go back and talk to the customers that stocked them 4-5 years ago to see what they are seeing in their ponds. I know that if there is sufficient forage in the pond, they grow FAST. 4" fish can be 12" in a year. These have the black stripe on their nose, so you can tell which ones that they are. I'll ask to see if the offspring have the black stripe too.