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Makes my head hurt.

Think I will just keep feeding for the fun of it rather than performance.

Just got home yesterday after being gone for three and a half months. Drove the 4-wheeler around the pond once (amongst the three foot tall grass on the dam that needed mowed a month ago) and fish wakes coming toward the shore. They have not forgot what the dinner bell is. Guess I need to get some feed bought. At least the fish think I do.

Feeding fish is fun!
I never thought I would get so much enjoyment out of it, the quite time right before dark or early in the morning just standing still flinging fish pellets out over the water and watching them eat it up.
It's almost therapeutic for me, I keep a bag of fish food in the car and stop by the pond before or after work four or five days a week if I can and just unwind as I feed them. Fun to see the fish and help them get fatter and I get to chill out.

Me too. I was never fond of fishing before building a pond. I did it a little as a youngster then did it some with my kids when they were young. But was never an angler at heart. Built the pond for something to look at out our back door. Fish were originally an after thought. Then if I stocked fish, it seemed only appropriate that I should fish for them. Kind of got to where it was an enjoyable pastime and we do eat quite a bit of fish. So fishing was also an afterthought. As was feeding fish. I found Pond Boss Forum and feeding fish seemed like the thing to do.

I would say that feeding fish is as enjoyable if not more so for me as fishing for them. The only "pet" I have the patience to semi-take care of - because they mostly take care of themselves. I have been debating whether to even put out my automatic TH feeder this year. May just hand feed when I get around to it. Growing the biggest fish is not my main goal (although I would not turn down seeing a 2# BG at least once). Aesthetics and casual relaxation are the main priorities. Hand feeding my fish seem to fulfill that goal.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.