I've been using Optimal for a few years now. At first, one of the main reasons was ease of ordering from Hoosier Pond Pro's website, but since then, I've had pleasing results. I'm feeding Handthrow and Bass and have just ordered some of the 4.5mm random lengths.

Years ago, on advice from a friend, I would soak all the Handthrow (and AQ Largemouth) for about 10 minutes before feeding. Eventually, I stopped the pre-soak process. Over the course of a year, I felt I lost a lot of LMB participation in feeding on those 1" pellets.

I've gone back to pre-soaking now, and am going to do that for all the feed sizes I use.

I'm also on the cusp of incorporating sinking feed.

So, questions for Optimal are: 1) Do you feel the pre-soaking or 'hydrating' of feed is worth the effort? And 2) As a general rule, is sinking feed at all more 'healthy' for our fish?

Appreciate you guys!!