A big shoutout to Bob Lusk and all the moderators here at Pond Boss for creating and maintaining an excellent playground for all to discuss, share, and learn more. Although we don't get involved in many discussions, we always make time to check in on the forum to see what everyone is up to and follow the threads. The progress at your ponds, the collaborative innovations, the stories, and the camaraderie this forum has is truly inspiring.

We spend a lot of time in one-on-one conversations with customers, pond and lake managers, and pond owners discussing all aspects of fish feed. Just like this forum, these conversations lead to great questions. With that, we wanted to start this thread to provide answers to questions you have.

Our goal isn't to make anyone change what they are doing, switch feed providers, or prove someone wrong. There is no ill-will between Optimal and other feed companies. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Growing up with the odd passion for fish food, we looked up to those in the fish feed industry and still do. Who would have thought, as a small company not even big enough to field our own baseball team, that we would have been able to enter an industry alongside the best of them with such a fantastic cast of customers. I believe Bob could attest to this; there is plenty of fish to feed, and just seeing how far we can push the boundaries of what is possible in our ponds is the ultimate goal of why we do what we do.

With that, we are not going to try to sell you Optimal with our answers. Instead, we want to provide our background and knowledge and answer as many of your feed questions as possible. Hopefully, some of the answers will lead to more questions. I look forward to having some fun and learning together.

Thanks again to all of you for contributing to such a great resource!
Nathan Schulz
Optimal Fish Food