In my experience and opinion I think you should reconsider spending a lot of time and effort raising FHM to grow better BG and Bass. Why?
1. For best production you are going to need to feed the FHM which means buying food.

2. And most importantly feeding fish to other fish that eat minnows is a VERY inefficient way to grow your BG and LMB. History and research tells us fish will need to eat about 10 pounds of live food to gain a ONE pound resulting in around a 10:1 conversion. It is much cheaper with less effort to feed the fish a high protein, highly digestible pellet that produces close to a 2:1 or sometimes even close to a 1:1 conversion rate. This means every 1-2 pounds of good quality pellets produces close to 1 pound of fish gain. The pellet conversion ratio of 1:1 lb gain becomes closer if the fish are also able to eat other natural foods in the pond. This also depends on the specie of fish. High quality pellets cost a little more money compared to lower cost pellets but the amount of weigh gain is more and fish waste and water quality loss are measurably LESS and proven with indoor feeding tests for the more expensive fish pellets. It is all about how much of the pellet is digestible to produce fish weight gain and healthy fish. Too many carbohydrates are not good healthy food or fish or humans.

3. Get your pond fish on real good fish food pellets and you will see real good results.

4. Pellet feeding produces lots more bigger fish faster compared to fish living on all natural foods. When producing more fish with pellets, IT BECOMES MORE IMPORTANT TO IMPLEMENT PROPER FISH HARVEST TO MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF THE FISHERY LONG TERM. Ponds can easily become unhealthy for fish and water quality when feeding too many fish.

5. When feeding pond fish it is very important to understand pond carrying capacity, and proper fish harvest to achieve your goals for the fishery. Different goals require different specific management methods.