Got a data report and pics from the cabin. Piped diffusers still have open holes. Estimated size of the holes is 20' to 30' in diameter. The quad diffuser with the buoy is closed and has been for some time. I think the buoy is officially a fail for ice dome disruption. The quad diffuser receives more air than the other two diffuser stations yet the other two stations have kept holes open and quad has been closed for months. DO came in at 1.12ppm at 1 foot deep and .80ppm at 6 foot deep which was the bottom. At first I was disappointed with this but then after discussing I realized the DO readings were taken approx 200' away from any open holes. I THINK if I have 1.12ppm of DO 200 feet away from any open aeration hole I might be doing pretty good much closer to the holes. Plus, this is MUCH better readings than we have had in past winters. If the quad had been able to keep a hole open this reading would have likely been even better so there is still much room for improvement. Water temp was still surprisingly cold at 33.2F. I was expecting a little warmer.

DO was measured basically in the middle of the two holes.
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