Fyfer - you should see my post on aerating in similar conditions to you. I have my diffusers suspended from a pipe for the winter so as not to mix the entire water column. To minimize or possibly negate the effect of the aeration on ice quality you could easily build a floating frame that was attached to the pipe with the pipe in the center. Fix it so that the aeration plume comes up in the center of the floating frame. Voila, you have best of both worlds. You should be able to run aeration 24/7 in the winter and walk right up to the edge of your floating frame. I know a guy in MN that does this very thing. He can ice fish in his aeration hole. Of course being a Candadian I am sure you are well versed on ice safety, but full disclaimer anyway- make sure your installation is solid and working properly and ice is safe before you ever attempted walking anywhere near an aeration hole.