Howdy all,
I am a newbie around these parts. Actually started looking seriously a few years ago at redoing an old pond site on our property and, by chance, stumbled upon this site.

Gleaned alot of useful information here and decided to just go for it and try my hand at pond building after i decided that hiring someone around here would be an expensive gamble and, well, hell, i can do it.

Fast forward a few years after my endeavor started to the present...

So, did it work?
And if so, how did it come out?

A little backstory first.
My wife and i grew up out west in northern california. About 6 years ago, we decided we had enough of the wild west and were ready for a change. So we up and moved to rural west tennessee. Purchased 15 acres with a small house built in 1913 that needed some love. We are both sorta jack of most trades and have since finished a renovation, 90% with our own hands and are quite comfortable in our small piece of history.

shortly after we purchased the property, i sorta talked my wife into letting me buy a little mechanical helper for the property and its projects - a used kubota b3300su that came with a front loader and box blade, 110 hours on it. I ended up getting a whole smattering of implements and a matched backhoe for the small tractor.

The idea for the pond came the day we bought the property when the realtor pointed out a very overgrown pond site that had been active maybe twenty-30 years ago (found out from the neighbor later on). It was basically a depression in the ground filled with trees and some dirt edge sorta resembling a dam like structure. But the thought was placed in my head and i knew there was a rental yard nearby i had used with skid steers and mini-ex's. No problem, then. Besides, there are tons of farms nearby with dozers, excavators, and off-seasons when they are looking for little projects like this.

So back to the question, are you done? How did it come out? And did you end up hiring the job out?

Well, its a story you see. And i happen to be one of those guys who gets the idea to hire out but as i sit and fester on the ideas longer, i end up just saying "well, shoot. I can do that!"

Besides, i can rent the equipment and get it done even faster.

"Well, shoot. I got time and a kubota. I can do that!"

Uh oh..... Is he really gonna try and do it himself? With a small tractor and a chain saw?"


Sure am.

So how did it come out? Or did it even come out?

Stay tuned....