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Thanks Dr Luke! It's funny how these ponds seem to make almost everyone look like an idiot at times. What caused your winterkill?

I am not familiar with every single new battery chemistry out there. I know Brian is pretty excited about the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. I have to say this is going into my 5th winter with my cheap Flooded Lead Acid golf cart batteries. They have done amazingly well! It sucks when it's time to water all 24 batteries though! I am strongly considering just upgrading to a bigger set of true solar batteries in Flooded Lead Acid. If I could get another decade plus out of my 2nd set then the best chemistry for my 3rd set of batteries should be well developed and available if I had to guess.

Here is the winter kill thread. I did have more fish survive than I originally thought, so that has been nice.

I think Brian and I are talking about the same new batteries maybe.