That is a very humbling set of statements. Thanks you. It is our pleasure to share the place and ideas. When the virus that shall not be named canceled yet another attempt to get together, I called Bob and ask if he would like to stop by and take a look at our improvements. So much has changed and improved as the farm has been our focus during the pandemic. Even two of the pictures are out of date! We have added more panels to the array and the settling tank and bio-reactive tanks in Tilapitopia now have a lot more capacity (230% and 160%). The Tilapia hit out of the park this year. The Grass Carp as well. Our water is in very good shape and the fish are doing great. It is time to pull a few more LMB before winter. Fish Tacos anyone?

As I see it, an idea unshared is not an idea for long. We work towards best value, and love to help other do the same.

Again, thank you for such kind statements.