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This is much better weight gain than from natural food like insects & small fish, however. Fish must chase them down, using up energy, and besides they are mostly water.

Frank I agree but would like to add a few things. The dry weight energy content of feed is approximately the same as dry weight energy content of anything in the pond that fish will be eating. BUT ... the nutritional quality is different. If we dry BG and form a feed with it the content would be ~ 65% protein. These proteins are better for LMB than say those in Soy. Nutrient profiles are not as beneficial, especially for predators, when the source of the nutrients are feed. There must be a benefit to not having to chase things down because the nutritional profile is not as good for sure. Our member Jim Wetzel once said that the best gains he had witnessed was from dehydrated fish. I find this very easy to entertain. Fish has everything inside it that a fish might need nutritionally.