Bravo!! I was somewhat reluctant to comment, given that my areas of scientific knowledge are Physical Chemistry (PhD) and Material Science (37 industrial years), but when FishinRod stated

“This topic is certainly more complicated than physical chemistry. “

I had to pipe in. Physical Chemistry and the related Material Sciences are not as cut and dry as you seem to imply. For example, once you get past even 3-body problems, there are no exact solutions. In my field, of particle filled fluids, no real systems can be modeled to sufficient accuracy to predict real world flow (except maybe in mono-modal single component spherical systems), and forget predicting particle induced erosion and attrition. Although we get pockets of engineers that think “the science is settled,” these systems are many years from being fully described.

So, Bravo to all!! We in the sciences should be a bit humble about what we think we know.