As one who travels the world, Covid is nothing to take lightly. I understand the emotions and agree this is complex.

BUT I agree this place is about our love of our ponds.

Speaking of... Our Tilapia are doing great in the new brood ponds. We started with 3 males and 11 females and took 50- 70 pounds out after nine weeks. Now it's time to seine again! I bet we will see another 40 -60 pounds this time. And when we finally pull all the fish at the end of season, I bet we will get another 50 pounds or more again.

So far we have pulled and saved well over 100 fish for Tilopatopia. They are now all over 5 inches in size. I need a larger swirl/settling tank....

The rest of the Tilapia went to the big pond and are on the algae eating team. They are winning!