Multiple angles of attack on-going... first serious day - first day with trackhoe.

Pumped Sat and Sat nite, restarted this AM

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We hope to make it to the area where there is high dry overburden today. Once there he's gonna dig channels to drain the potholes to where the pump is... about 900'-1000' to go.

Made the initial goal, access to the middle berm to drain all the potholes into one.

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ID'd the far end for the dam at that end. About 300' cut in..

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Got the dozer in, only slightly stuck once this AM, dig'em deep, pile'em high! (AF Red Horse motto) New dam at the North end of the pond..

Bentonite pumper on line waiting to schedule 📅

About halfway in the pond, ~1100' long avg 70' wide.

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Both banks, one spoil one highwall made it inaccessible except for a nasty swampy launch at one end.

Such a treat already to be able to roll in 300+' on a 10' path!

Making the road go across the dam at the North end for access to the overflow and other maintenance.

Few hours later N Dam taking shape...

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Pic that'll reoccur... on the North dam, looking at making a shelf for bedding about 6-8' wide along parts of this... asking the learned masses on this forum what's the best depth for the shelf for bluegill and bass beds...

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