I have a small (<0.5 acres) pond that is very infertile. So much so that my lotus is struggling to survive and no longer even exists where it was originally planted (keeps migrating). Even the emergent plants are colonizing very slowly. I have no submerged plants at all. There is some water color due to algae and I have stocked only FHM and lake chubsuckers. Some leaves blow in in fall from trees back maybe 40 feet to the south. It is almost completely spring fed. My plan is to let the pond develop slowly on its own. I have done the same for my previous 2 ponds and multiple wetlands. I do transplant in a few marginal and emergent plants, but then let things develop on there own, with some management like cattail and willow control. For me, this is part of the fun, but my goal is to produce wildlife habitat that requires minimal maintenance. I also want good fishing for kids and a few trophy fish to entertain adult guests. Still watching the SMB grow in my 2nd pond and it will be fun to see how big they get. There were 10 stockers each from 2 different hatcheries which hopefully instilled some hybrid vigor, but they could be of similar genetics.