I bought a small nanobubble generator (a fixture that mixes air and water) and a 1 1/2 hp pressure pump. It makes a fine cloud of aerated water. For example, in a five gallon bucket, within about one minute, the water is milky white, and then clears in about five minutes, supposedly now well oxygenated. Supposedly capable of aerating 1,000 gallons to super saturation of oxygen, I put it in our small 1,000 gallon koi pond. Perhaps the time of year, late sunny January, the filamentous algae exploded from the bottom sludge.
These nano systems purport to control algae (and bottom sludge I think) by overwhelming it with oxygen (I guess like the peroxide type algaecide for spot treatment). Mr. Lusk said, more or less, that the oxygen demand presented by pond sludge nutrients is so great that the nano bubble oxygen is quickly depleted yet enables plant growth.
The February freeze cut off my $500 experiment for now.
Comparing: My Airmax two diffuser system cost $1,000, uses 1/3 hp that uses about $4/month of electricity, and nicely aerates my 1/10 acre pond of 140,000 gallons. This versus a $500 system that aerates 1,000 gallons and uses something like $20/month electricity.

I think I saw that the big commercial nano system can be used for pond treatments, that is, super saturate the pond oxygen and it should be good for some weeks before needing another treatment.