Anthropic, and others. I went out again today, and my CNBG were coming to the surface and eating at near summer numbers. I hand fed in 2 different locations in my hatchery pond, and both groups ate aggressively. FHM's were out and about near the shoreline. I also hand fed at both feeder locations on our big pond, and the results were the same. I left the feeder on the dam with large CNBG still feeding. As the food disappeared, they starting coming to the dock for more handouts. In short, I think we're all ok.

I will not be stocking native BG or non-Florida LMB. Magic 8 ball says we will have 90+ degree water temps every year, but we're not likely to have another Snowvid event like last week in our lifetime. I'm not recommending any plan, or giving advice, I'm just saying that I'm personally staying on the course I'm already on.