I have flown over, but this time it was the drone's turn.

I do not aerate in the winter here. The only temps I got were on the surface. Both mornings, there was a skin on nearly all of the big pond. 0C or really close to it. In the afternoon, the warn side, NW exposures, added a few degrees and that was it. Next morning, an ice skin was back, it was gone after several hours of sunlight. Where the springs enter the pond did not freeze as expected. The ducks were happy to find the spring water and rafted up there by the hundreds. Several geese were walking on the ice Sunday morning.

No threadfin.

I am really not worried, I just thought it might be a great time to talk about events like these and what we can expect good and bad. I expect some plans to die-off and others to take advantage of the nutrients. I doubt my fish had any issues as there is a large deep section for refuge.

BTW, I was going to get grass carp delivered Saturday, but that was put on hold due to weather.

Oh, and no to flip flops, ice augers, and fishing where I can't cast with both hands.