Plans here in Tx are to shut down some more if not all the power plants that are natural gas/coal-fired. I think it is a bad call. But not much I can do about it I do know we are the largest in the world when it comes to natural gas reserves and it is cheap and clean-burning. Leaves little footprint after it is set online. Way less than a huge windmill that is an eyesore as far as I am concerned. It also supplies a large workforce with high-paying jobs. And we are not buying from China who wants to take over the world economy. And no nucular plants where we store waste for a lifetime that will or can destroy every living thing around it. Solar power and battery storage are way too expensive and until we can do a better job on reducing cost and improvements in our batteries we should not make it a requirement in our lives. Ok, I am through with this because it gets me upset when I think of the politics of it all.