Unlike a lot of people around here ,I am pro wind. Not because it is any better than other types of power, but because it helps out the community and the farmer that is getting paid to have it on his land. Seems like everyone blames wind for the shortages of electricity. Maybe for wind to work you need many wind farms spread out all over the country. So when one farm has no wind the other farm a 100 miles away would. Also needs to be backed up by natural gas, because that is the fastest type of production to start up over coal or nuclear. I wonder the rolling shutdowns are for 1 to 2 hours, if you are out for days it is probably do to trees that have never seen ice for many years. Oil is well subsidized why else would you shut down your wells. The government pays you not to run. Same with grain farmers, they pay you to leave some of your ground idle. That way they control how much is around and there for the price. Hey in 20 years when our president wants the country to be on electric cars. We will have all kinds of petroleum run electric generators. They would be able to start up and shut down really quick.