FWIW I understand the power is cheap in TX since there has been no implementation onto a nationwide grid, and no contingencies and regulations for events like these. It is capitalism rearing its head how to get the cheapest solution to maximize profit with little regulation.

For example: for additional cost you can somewhat weather-proof windmills with heaters to keep ice from accumulating. If you don't do that, and you detect ice on them, you have to shut them down or it will fling shards of ice at very lethal speeds. So it costs money to put on and maintain the heaters. There is no regulation forcing them to do so in TX.

Also natural gas is pumped via electric to the power stations, which is more efficient, cheaper, and less polluting than using a natural gas engine to pump the natural gas (a small amount of NG is used for pumping). But when the electric goes out, how do you pump the gas to the electric? You hope that a plant nearby is still running to get gas to the other plant. Multiple stations go down? Good luck.

How do you spur the coal economy as a politician? You blame all of these problems on green energy, when you should be blaming it on lack of preparedness and regulation.