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Good idea to test (seine , fyke and or electroshock) would help with answers. If the BG are the issue then they will show up in the survey as small/stunted and overpopulated. If there is an out of balance crappie status then that can lead to reduced spawning - one reason for boom/bust crappie reproduction.

There are several things that can cause loss of reproduction in crappie. Could be starvation. If the plankton bloom is too late many could starve in the fry stage.
Exactly, this is why I was wondering about the fyke net sample as it "may" show small BCP are present at an early stage but are not recruiting. My thoughts were a 1/4" mesh fyke.... I wish I was closer Pat, I could sure make that happen and maybe-"maybe" find a few answers. I could probably be talked into a road trip fairly easily...