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. Anyways, is it possible for the bass and trout to have almost no effect on each other, considering that the trout are inactive when the bass are active?

It is not possible that these two species co-exist without an interaction. I would bet that there are few minnows now and that minnow are well on their way to extirpation ... if not already. So already there is the interaction where the LMB are likely outcompeting trout for high quality prey. But the web is more complicated than just that. It is possible at the YOY LMB are interacting with other players helping the trout. For example if they prey on a competitor of the trout. Examples may be crayfish or leeches which would prey on amphipods and insects a major food source of trout. There are interactions ... there is no getting around that ... but it is difficult to know or predict exactly how that will influence things. For example how it may affect the carrying capacity for trout or trout ultimate weights.

The good news is this, of all different species that could have contaminated your put and take trout fishery, perhaps the LMB will be the least interactive and detrimental. Put perch, pumpkinseeds, or BG in ... the trout will feel it and it would not be good for them. Also, it wouldn't help the LMB as much as one might think.

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. For example, the trout are just beginning to bite but the bass have stopped feeding almost entirely. That will be a key understanding for managing my pond.

From a management perspective, just as 4Corners mentioned, you have two fisheries coexisting. A trout fishery and an LMB only fishery. Were it me, I would manage the LMB fishery as a pan fishery that can supply a harvest of small fish for the pan without greatly impacting the (put and take)/(catch and release) trout fishery. I would harvest any LMB > 8" and less 12" and would probably also harvest any LMB > 15". Don't release any LMB in your slot and let them become difficult to catch. Let the LMB reach capacity annually and then crop them back as much as fishing is capable. It's sounds like you are enjoying this unplanned journey and so maybe this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise that extends your fishing season and provides some treats for your table as well.

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