What Snipe said +1.
And, do you have pic or two you could post?

If it were my pond (I realize that it's not) and my main focus and goal were having trout, I'd almost ignore the bass. Or in other words, I'd:
1. Remove any bass that I thought could eat newly stocked trout but retain the bass that were of intermediate size to eat smaller bass. I'd watch to see that my bass were continuing to grow very slowly.
2. Feed the trout quality fish food to supplement the few invertebrates available to them after the smaller bass clean them out.
3. Consider adding other piscivorous trout in addition to those fish eating browns, for example tiger trout and lake trout.

There is a recent thread or maybe two that have discussed bass only ponds, both smallmouth and largemouth. From what you are seeing so far, it seems to me that you might be able to consider your pond to be largemouth only, but with the bonus of trout that are nearly independent of the bass. Carrying capacity, of course, is a consideration.

Excuse me that I've forgotten your goals for the pond, and if there are any other fish in it that you want to manage.

Yours sounds like a nearly unique situation, and a worthwhile experiment.