It should be a crime to offer to claim that as a dirt mover you know how to build a pond when in fact it becomes clear that ones does not. From the case reports on this forum it sounds like there are 20 or 30 dirt movers happily collecting money to make a hole in the ground that is in the wrong area, or improperly packed, or without a proper dam or improper keyway, or etc etc to every ONE dirt mover who really can build a proper pond. So many sad reports of people starting a project, messing it up, taking the money and running. It puts a black mark on many in the excavator trade.

I hate to see a licensing agency license only those who know how to do it right since that adds more layers of government or bureaucrats all wanting a cut of the profit. It sounds like we need a 'Angie's List' of some sorts that lists the few outfits that can truly get it done correctly.

I have no idea on cost, probably the main cost is what material are you going to use to raise it and is that material on site or how far does it have to be trucked in? Hundreds of dumptruck loads of dirt X so much per loaded mile is how you calculate the cost. How long and wide is the spillway now?