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Hey Flame she was 21.5 inches and right at 5 pounds so a little light still about 95 percent weight, but much better then I been getting. Any of my bass 18 inches and under look great it's just when I start to get to the 19 and up I been having an issue. It's hard to keep these big girls fed. lol. Not to mention I have some rather large HSB at this point like 6 to 8 pounds large. So I am sure that is not helping any either. Any HSB I catch I keep and clean them for the table. I think I could use another 300 BG or so in the 4 to 6 inch range. Even if some of them got ate I think it would still help. One thing I have figured out is taking about 20, 11 to 12 inch bass or so a year is working for me at this point.

Hi RC, nice bass!

Our fish seem to tap out around that same length. My WAG is that without pushing pellet feed to the BG at our place we're limited on appropriately-sized forage. Our rule of thumb is every LMB under 14 in. caught from our 2.2 ac pond doesn't go back. Exceptions made for extraordinary RW. condition.