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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: Cross breeding RES & CNBG in a tank ColdSpringsFarm 15 minutes ago
Glad there is some interest! I will post pics for sure...although I wish this forum didnt make it so difficult! Took me 20 min to remember how to hack dropbox url to make pics show up. ;-)
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Creating habitat Jump to new posts
Re: Bushes for watershed wet and dry survival FishinRod 52 minutes ago
Bald cypress trees should thrive in that environment in Arkansas. Their "knees" would add some structure to your lake bottom.

There are also various types of willows that should do well in that situation, but some of them spread like crazy, and might NOT be a good choice for a shared lake.
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Property Projects & Construction Jump to new posts
Re: What did you do at your pond today? Pat Williamson 1 hour ago
Went to pond today and bg were active eating surface bugs…. We just had 4 days of below freezing temperatures all day and nite thought that was odd that water has to be cold and yet they were active
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Property Projects & Construction Jump to new posts
Re: Pond Contractors In Arkansas? ARPond 1 hour ago

Thank you for the response! The property is in Searcy, Arkansas. The area that has been used for part of a shale quarry is around 6 acres. The lake may not can be this big/ some of it may need to be filled in. I am unsure as some of it has rocky base so it may not all hold water? But if this is something that may be possible, send any contact information and I can be in touch potentially in the future!
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New Forum Member Introduction Jump to new posts
Re: Arkansas Pond Owner Lunkhead 2 hours ago
I use to do anesthesia at Stuttgart. I am in Jonesboro. AR. Nice to see someone else from Arkansas. Those ponds should produce. Are the muck like mine? If so you make want to get a layer of gravel down along the North side. It my make the spanners easier to find.
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Selecting a site Jump to new posts
Re: WOTUS RAH 2 hours ago
I could rant for years, but just wanted folks to know where things stand.
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Renovating a Pond or Lake? Jump to new posts
Re: Renovating an established watershed lake Lunkhead 3 hours ago
I have been trying to get the lake for years. I had just bought a house the year before so there were no plans to move. My buddy who is a real estate agent remembered me talking about the property over the years and called me before it hit the market.
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Systems questions Jump to new posts
Re: Help with new Aeration Quote sirrobinhood Yesterday at 10:54 PM
Hello all, finally got around to getting some depths on my pond!
Trying to figure the correct sizing like the amount of diffusers and pump size. I received a 5k quote, looking to put in a system in a month or so.
Any thoughts on sizing and a decent system? thanks all!

[Linked Image][Linked Image]
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Image Gallery Jump to new posts
Bass from my new to me lake Lunkhead Yesterday at 06:52 PM
Just a few from the new house with a lake.
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Feeding Jump to new posts
Re: Texas Hunter Feeder Deancutler Yesterday at 12:42 AM
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Help Jump to new posts
Re: Sure wish I could add photos RAH 02/04/23 11:30 PM
I switched from Photobucket to Imgur when they did the bait and switch. No regrets.
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Evaluating and adjusting fish populations Jump to new posts
Re: Cattle Ranch Ponds Dave Davidson1 02/03/23 08:09 PM
Theo is right. It doesn’t take long. Of course, long to me was a helluva long time ago. I went “home” 2 years ago. Kinda depressing. The house had mostly fallen in and the garden/orchard acreage was mostly in cultivation and some large work shops. We had gardens, orchards, chicken and cow lots. Of course, it’s somebody else’s land to do with as he pleases.

Muleshoe is depressing. What was the Main Street is mostly deserted and buildings are fallen down.

I once read that you could never go “home”. I now understand why.
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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: My first pond Dave Davidson1 02/03/23 07:55 PM
You said sandy. That may be a concern. Sand leaks. You need sandy loam.
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Systems questions Jump to new posts
Re: Aerator pump got loud SherWood 02/03/23 04:27 AM
Originally Posted by esshup
Also, if you haven't cleaned or replaced the air filter, so so asap. They need to be cleaned/washed/replaced about every quarter.

That's one thing I did do while I was checking things over after work. The filter looked pretty good but I cleaned it out the best I could anyways. I'm also going to attach some foam pieces to the floor of the box where the pump feet rest.
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Creating habitat Jump to new posts
Re: Question on Christmas trees RossC 02/02/23 06:11 PM
It's much easier to sink cedars green than dry. Ours are most productive the first year they are down. I don't see any advantage to burning off the folage and small twigs.
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Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Jump to new posts
Re: What type of hybrid? jludwig 02/02/23 05:41 PM
How far back the hinge point of the jaw goes back is the easiest way I identify BG hybrids.
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Systems questions Jump to new posts
Re: Iced Over esshup 02/02/23 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by Commander
I currently have regular 3/8 black poly lines running from the compressor on top of the ground about 20 ft to the pond edge where it transitions to 3/8 weighted line. So I should plan this summer on trenching that line and replacing it with one inch poly or even PVC? I'm guessing I would need to go below the frost line, which is pretty deep here in Western Iowa.

Once the line is in the pond below the ice thickness depth you don't have to worry about it freezing. Here the frost line is 38" IIRC, we only place them about 12" below grade. You can buy low pressure black poly pipe like they use for sprinkler systems and running water from the well to the house. The less connections you have under ground the better.
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Controlling unwanted plants Jump to new posts
Re: Chara and Filamentous algae control N.TexasHalfAcre 02/02/23 03:39 PM
I second the use of Tilapia for FA control. I was skeptical as well. My previous pond had some big LMB in it and I was afraid I was just buying a tropical treat for my fish. But I was desperate. I bought them as big as I could find and they put a huge dent in the FA in no time. They are pretty inexpensive so you can buy a ton and they start spawning almost immediately. Sure your bass will eat a lot of them, but tilapia can even out spawn BG. Plus, the tilapia might also take some pressure off of your other forage fish during the warm months to allow them to increase in numbers. Also, there is nothing really to lose. If it doesn't work out you are out a few bucks and all of the tilapia will be gone in October/November anyway.
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Help Jump to new posts
Re: Starting a New Pond Management Business Legiboka 02/02/23 03:13 PM
The most important thing in starting a business is to have confidence that you will succeed, as well as to have ideas and plans for your business to succeed.
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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: Creating a lake budget. esshup 02/02/23 05:03 AM
In addition to Bills comments above, look at the bass tournaments today. What are the average bass weights in those tournaments? Look at "Major League Fishing shows. What are the average weights for the bass that they catch? They are scoring bass that weigh 1# or greater. I'm sure if you did enough research you can find the weigh-in weights of the tournaments. That will give you some idea of how hard it is to grow "Trophy" bass.

Another thing is to look at the bass genetics in the lake. Some genetics just flat out won't grow large bass.
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New Forum Member Introduction Jump to new posts
Re: Retirement ponds esshup 02/01/23 05:56 AM
Originally Posted by SEOBBD24
I'm Matt. I live in Az where I'm a cop for 7 more years till I retire. I have a family farm in SEOhio that has multiple ponds in varying sizes up to an acre +. The ponds were originally stocked in the mid 90s with largemouth, cats, crappie, and bluegill from family other family ponds. They fished very well, bass of 5lb caliber were present and bluegill and crappie were abundant. I ended up moving out west in 06 and was unable to do any work on the farm thru present day. I have four kids who all like to fish however the ponds just keep getting worse as the years go by. Our retirement plan is to build here. There are no longer any bass over 12 to 14 inches, the bluegill population is minimimal and none of good size. I'm not sure what's taken place over the years. I have a cousin who built on the property and he is interested along with me in rebuilding the ponds to where they once were. I know cover is an issue as there is none, I know there is an issue with population along with slot size bass and bluegill but I don't know why. I'm here to maybe figure some of this out and take a break from all of my whitetail habitat work, at least seasonally. Any resources, reccomendations to get me n the right direction are gladly accepted and thanks!!! Matt

Welcome to the forum! You will be doing a lot of reading in the near future.

If you have multiple ponds, you might want to think about pushing the reset button a few (Rotenone) and starting over with different species in each pond. That way each pond can be managed for those species and it will give you the enjoyment of catching different fish.

For starters, ponds should have approx 20%-25% of the surface area in cover/habitat for the fish. Cover both fine and coarse, so it attracts and holds fish in different stages of their life. If it's a LMB/BG pond, you need to remove 20-25 pounds of bass per year of all different sizes after the bass start spawning. To turn around a stunted bass pond, get cover in there for the BG, maybe look at getting an automatic, solar powered feeder and feed the BG while removing 30-40 pounds of bass of all sizes the first few years that you re-start managing the pond.

There are threads on cover, and threads on what different fish you can have. Depending where in Ohio, Hybrid Striped bass are an option, anywhere in OH LMB. SMB, Yellow Perch, Walleye, etc., etc. are an option.
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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: Bass are tearing up the shad ewest 01/31/23 06:52 PM
54 F water is good for TShad. If it gets 10-12 degrees colder, they will start having problems.
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Types of fish to choose Jump to new posts
Re: New 1.5 Ac pond in NC. YP for harvest is my goal. BCR Pond 01/31/23 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Bill Cody
Where is your source for spotfin and bluntnose? Very doubtful they will have even 1 lb let alone 10 lbs.

Note spotfin are not reported for NC although satinfin and spotfin are very close to the same appearance. Very few can tell them apart. If you are concerned about species introductions use satinfin not spotfin.
FYI Bluntnose are minnows are similar or close to FHM and are not shiners. Shiners belong to the big group called shiners such as golden, emerald, common, etc. Although the golden shiner is unique and belongs to a different genus than most of the other shiners. Fishey people are changing the technical scientific names around all the time. The crevice spawning group that includes spotfins and satinfins has been moved from Notropis to Cypinella.

A full year for the pond to be a bait pond is an EXCELLENT idea and plan. This will be a big help to produce YP.

If you are purchasing shorter narrow leaf submerged plants to colonize the pond another very good one to use is
Dwarf Sagittaria (Sagittaria sublata). A taller variety is Narrow leaf Sagittaria (see below) . It stays short and forms a carpet on the bottom.

If you can get lots of them growing I will buy them from you!.
Dwarf sagittaria spreads through runners, and can form the much sought after carpet effect. Dwarf variety should be planted to where it can grow in water deeper than 1 foot since they can grow up to 6 inches (30.5 cm) tall whereas Narrow Leaf Sagittaria grows 12" tall. . Occasionally, if kept in excellent conditions, it may send small white flowers to the surface of the water.

I still have not gotten a quote back after i told them how many minnows i was looking for, so you might be right on the money. The only place i could find that had any minnows besides FHM and GSH, was Jonah's aquarium. They had quite an extensive list, but they deal mostly in small quantities. I had to request a quote for a bulk order. I did a lookup on Fishmap for my area, and i was able to find the spotfin shinner, not the satin fin. Maybe they do have them mixed up. The place i am ordering the Vallisneria Corkscrew (Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis also carries the Dwar sagitaria, so i think i will give both of them a good try. I will let you know how it works out. I assume i want a nice size bed of each, not mixed together correct?
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Creating the food chain Jump to new posts
Re: Rainbow trout to grow big bass. esshup 01/31/23 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by Spicelanebass
Also, who is a good trout supplier to central Indiana?? Thanks.

Depending on the number and size of the trout, we supply trout (Hoosier Pond Pros), Matt Rayl (American Pond and Lake Management) might or Jones Fish from Ohio.

We will have our fish price sheet for 2023 completed by the end of the week.
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Balance of plants in the environment Jump to new posts
Re: Adding Vegetation Bill Cody 01/30/23 05:11 PM
All pond vegetation spreads, that is what plants do as nature demands; some spread faster than others. . If you do the lilies there are 4 hybrid varieties or types of area spread and depth they grow starting with slowest, shallowest first. Dwarf, Small, Medium, Large. Buy them according to where and depth you want then to grow. All these do not spread nearly as fast as Spadderdock and wild native white water lily. Both have fertile seeds that float to other areas. .I've seen spadderdock once well established with huge roots 4" wide 6ft-8ftr long, take over a 3/4 ac pond 16ft deep. I have seen wild white lilies spread and take over a shallow pond corner out to 7ft deep in 3 yrs with fertile seeds and fragments of the rhizome easily breaking off, floating and regrowing where ever they float to, Eel grass native Vallisneria americana helps produce clearer water, fish can hunt through it and it can grow 6ft tall down to 18ft deep as it tends to make the water clearer. Water clarity allows most all submerged vegetation to grow where ever there is light penetration. American pondweed (aka long leaf) stays fairly shallow 3-4ft maybe 5ft due to its floating leaves and growth habit. Choose the right plant for your purpose. You don't plant huge growing trees 2 ft from the house.

Use the information topics in our Archives for homework.
Useful Plants

Consider using large coarse tree branches and creating artificial habitat to supplement the plants.
Lots of examples are available. Be creative.
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