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Fly Fishing & Other Fish Species Jump to new posts
Re: Dying Fish! esshup 1 hour ago
Dead fish in the pond no longer consume O2 except for decomposition, so there could be higher levels because of lower demand. O2 is lowest right before sunrise, if there is <6" visibility, the phytoplankton bloom could have caused the fish kill at night, then if the mgmnt. company came during the sunny day to check O2 it would be high.
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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: Bass spine curvature? catscratch 1 hour ago
A little update. Still catching the humpbacks.
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Questions & Observations Jump to new posts
Re: Annual drought - do pads make it worse? SENKOSAM 2 hours ago
water lilys
I thought the same thing about keeping water shaded below but worry about transpiration via the leaves. But I just found this:

Some may think that the pond plants are sucking up all the water. However, they drink a relatively small amount. In fact, if your pond has water lilies, they are reducing the amount of surface area and are actually reducing the amount of evaporation occurring.

Hope it's true. Hate to have to launch my row boat and start clipping.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
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Property Projects & Construction Jump to new posts
Re: Floating platform - barrels or floats? gehajake 4 hours ago
Originally Posted by liquidsquid
Rectangular float should be far more stable than round floats. Think of how much water is displaced as weight increases. Rectangular should be a near linear amount, while round displaces little at first, then increases until the full diameter is reached, then decreases again.

Round is perfect for a diving and swimming dock with kids that like to rock on it and wrestle. Rectangular for docks that need walking on.
Very good point,, way more bounce in round barrels then in flat bottom square cornered floats. mine was built with the floats and is very stable compared to my buddy's that has barrels, way more bounce with the round bottom barrels.
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Creating habitat Jump to new posts
Re: Best weed FishinRod 5 hours ago
Another option would be to build a designated duck pond.

You are going to have lots of spoils (dirt) from excavating for a 3-acre pond. Once you get down to clay, you could move that material to one side and make a small pond on high ground that was only 1-1.5 feet deep. Seed it with rice and millet and then flood it in the fall and the ducks will think they are in duck heaven. Maybe dig one deep hole in the middle so your "duck pond" will have open water for them to land.

You would have to pump water up to that pond, unless you could design it to capture water from your watershed. In that case, it could act as a silt trap for your main pond.

If you did intend to keep it full most of the year, you could install a bottom drain and a deeper "easy seine" area and grow some forage fish in that pond. When the forage is the right size, slowly decrease the water level to concentrate the fish, and then seine a bunch and move them to your main pond.

Just throwing out more ideas while you are still in the design phase of your big project!
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Creating habitat Jump to new posts
Re: Building + Sinking Man-Made structure. Guidance gehajake 5 hours ago
I dont think there is a wrong place to put structure, some might serve one purpose while others might serve a whole other scenario. my years Crappie fishing in different size BOW will tell me that in mid winter and hot summer times they move deep, up to 15' tho is pretty much max, seldom that deep, right now mine are close to 10' deep in my pond, but then during the spawn, and the rest of spring and fall they will be a lot shallower, around 5' for normal existence to real shallow for spawning.

Which to me indicates that you will need habitat in a variety of depths, and of course you also want to create habitat for their prey fish, which to me means a little shallower and more dense habitat.

I am fully convinced that you can influence the location of the fish, like lure them to your area by the placement, kind of, and depth of your habitat, of course also in relation to habitat that holds baitfish. to me, crappie don't require a real dense habitat.

And like Theo G said, put some in an area where the little kids and the old timers can fish it too,,, last thing you want is some big Crappie dragging an old man out of a boat!,, although that might make good habitat too.
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Property Projects & Construction Jump to new posts
Re: I think I’m getting ripped off gehajake 6 hours ago
Looking at your pics, I like the amount of water rise you got out of a 5" rain, doesn't look bad at all.

What I don't like in the pics is, as others have said, a trash guard, but to me, almost equally as important is a dividing plate over the center of your outlet pipe. and the reason for that is, when the water gets any higher up over that inlet it will create a huge vortex, which for starters, will hold water back from actually exiting the pipe like it should, a big vortex near a dam is also a bad thing but I cant tell how far this is from the shoreline.

The higher the pipe is and the bigger the diameter of the overflow pipe, the stronger the vortex. Vortex = bad news. jmo

Beautiful body of water!
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Types of fish to choose Jump to new posts
Re: New 2 acre pond stocking plan Sunil 6 hours ago
Those baby ducks F.A.F.O.
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Controlling unwanted plants Jump to new posts
Re: Curly-leafed pond weed liquidsquid 10 hours ago
A little follow-up: The CLPW was just delayed this year, and didn’t get to thrive for long due to an early crazy heat spell.

It’s so far been an especially hot year. We’ve needed the window air conditioners on at least 15 days now, where were didn’t even own one for the first 10 years living here.

The CLPW has been dormant now since mid June, returning nutrients to the water column. It is the most vibrant I’ve ever seen my pond with life! A decent bloom going on with a little less than 3’ visibility, many happy little turtles, and incredible amounts of baby fish. This after 3 very low productivity years. I need to catch some of these babies as I am a tad concerned that the koi are having their way with the pond with the lower visibility. It may be time to stock some bass finally, since the walleye were a failure.

My pond is maturing and is no longer the very low nutrient waters it once was. Swimming is still nice, but it is no longer drinking water clear. Amazing though is the bottom in areas where the CLPW isn’t is still rocky and not mucky. 10 years plus I would have expected a lot more muck,
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Types of fish to choose Jump to new posts
Re: Declining Water Level liquidsquid 10 hours ago
IMHO the only good spring is a spring above the waterline of the pond. There are probably a spring or two that has a source above the waterline and has an outlet below, but that is likely rare. Oh, and the crazy artesian well just down the road from me that before it was capped properly, sprayed water at an astounding rate from the lid.

The claim of cleaning out springs for better flow is in the same category as the magic tire air between seasons. Pure nonsense. If the spring wasn’t intentionally plugged with impermeable materials and heavy equipment, it is unlikely to plug on its own. Especially if it flowing both ways.

Luckily in my part of NY, the rain has been regular but a tad slim. If I lived just two miles further south I would be complaining about having way too much. Several inches too much. Storms keep slipping by us to the north and south leaving us with a gentle rain.
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Types of fish to choose Jump to new posts
Re: Suggestions for pellet trained Yellow Perch Ratbird Yesterday at 11:22 PM
If you are still looking for feed trained yellow perch in Wisconsin, try Taal Lake Hatchery in New London. https://www.taallakehatchery.com
Jim Lehman has been selling them for years and they are usually ready in July.
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Muddy water Jump to new posts
Re: Alum worked for 3 days now getting cloudy again! FishinRod Yesterday at 08:11 PM
I didn't realize/remember that your bog was fully "operational" yet.

In that case, I would not worry about a little lawn fertilizer run off going into the pond. Whatever gets circulated through then bog is going to help those plants.

My only advice (which I am sure that you know) is that a week without water is too long for new sod. If you don't have good rains in the forecast while you are away, do you have any family members or a neighbor kid that can water your sod and newly-seeded grass? Hate to see your most recent hard work wither and die.
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Types of fish to choose Jump to new posts
Re: Non-aggressive Native Fish for Swimming Pond H20fwler Yesterday at 07:39 PM
Nonaggressive fish to swimmers were a top priority for us also when we put our pond in.

We stocked; Fat Head Minnows, Golden Shiners, Yellow Perch. Red Eared Sunfish, Walleye, Small Mouth Bass.... the fishing and swimming have been outstanding.
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Creating habitat Jump to new posts
Re: New 1/4 acre pond DeerTexas 07/11/24 10:13 PM
(Pic added)

Yikes on the “no go” location picked in the center of the cinder block builds! Well, that’s why I’m asking. It’s easy to change at this point. Thanks for your advice! Email address sent.

Omit the word “writes.” (Stupid spell check). Something to act as a buffer between the air lines and the cinder blocks. They’re somewhat abrasive with sharp edges. Watching for your better idea. Thanks again!!
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