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- Once the pond turns over in the fall you don't need the deep diffuser. When exactly do you stop the deep one?

I stop my deeper diffusers when the fall air temp highs get below the water temp (18" down from the surface). This will happen gradually, I will switch form running at night and start to only run the air during the daytime. I use the aeration system to try and keep the water as warm as possible into the later fall season. Most of the time it happens pretty quick and the benefits are probably minimal, but it's convenient for me and I'll take what little benefits I can get. The only drawback is that switching the air schedule around can mess with the fish's feeding enthusiasm. This winter I may not run the air at all...I don't have much ice to worry about and my pond has been muddy this year. Maybe it will settle out over the winter without air.

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- When starting it up, you run for 1 minute. If you don't smell sulfer, you can go to 2 minutes the next day. Increasing very slowly and only when no sulfur is smelled.

I started mine up in the freshly renovated pond with 15 minutes to begin with and doubled from there, never smelled anything. Some have had troubles (fish kills) with this route and suggest taking it slower. I think starting with 1 minute is too slow, but hopefully some one with more experience will chime in...maybe starting it until you smell sulfur OR hit 15 minutes for the first day, then increase by 15 minutes every day unless you smell sulfur. I key is to hit the 1+ turnover a day as soon as you can while not stirring up too fast...

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- In the spring, you should start the deep diffuser(s) when _____.

I start my aeration system (all 3 diffusers) during the day once the daytime air temps get warmer than the water (18" down). Now, I am trying to warm the water up faster, so I only try to run the air when I can use the air temps to speed things up. Once the water starts approaching 80 degrees F, I start moving the run-times towards the night and keep them there until fall.

This year is only my second year with aeration at my pond so, these are just my theories based on what I have learned here at PB. I would be glad to be challenged and/or corrected if need be.

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