A couple of years ago I got curious about using some sort of prop or blower to push muck around. I saw a product that attached to your dock and did just that but it seemed pretty expensive. That's when I realized that the blower they were using strongly resembled a Kasco deicer like they use in harbors and marinas in the winter. I found someone that was selling a used one and bought it. I mounted it in a square wire metal milk crate and attached a pole onto the crate to act as a handle. I took it out to the dock at my folks house and plugged it in aiming it horizontally. The thing was so strong that it blasted it self out of the water! I learned that I basically had to rest it on my leg to keep it aimed where I want it. If you're not careful it will dig a hole in the lake floor blowing sand rocks and everything. We were able to easily blow a couple of inches of muck out away from the shore and dock. I don't know where it went, perhaps out into deeper water, or maybe just into the water column where it was easily digested. The ground stayed pretty clean for 2 or 3 years until we repeated it again this Spring. The whole process took less than 15 minutes each time and we were only limited by the length of the power cord. (I had someone holding the connecting points of the extension cords on the dock to keep it out of the water for safety.) I also used this device in my own smaller pond and in no time I had a swirling milk shake of muck in the water column. (there were no fish in the pond at the time) but without a place to go it all settled back down. And oh the smell that was released! Wow! I have to think the stirring helped stimulate bacteria and I repeated it several times. Ultimately the muck was just too deep and I suspected there was a lot of inorganic matter as well so we rented an excavator and dredged. Still using aeration with a bottom bubbler and some added bacteria now to try and keep the bottom from getting so full of muck again.

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