One consideration is liability. In the state of Iowa, thankfully, our state Legislature has updated language in our code to relieve land owners of liability if they provide free access to others to their properties for recreational use. A key thought...the minute you charge someone, even if you potentially just obligate them to exchange work for access, you may well be tossing your protection out the window. As a "business", you should have liability insurance in force or you are taking a great risk.

I am not familiar with how other states do it, but I do have a sense though that not all other states go so far to protect the landowners though.

Other than that, I do allow others, under certain restrictions/limitations to use my land for hunting and fishing. As long as I know they will treat the resource respectfully then I enjoy letting others have a good time for many years, I was the guy asking permission to fish or hunt on someone else's property.