It's not that easy....this ain't FA. I get one phytoplankton bloom after another and it just creates this filmy scum on the surface (looks like the beginning of BGA, but no acidic smell). Impossible to rake. Copper sulfate is really useless because it's already dead when it floats to the surface. Lately, what little wind we've got isnt enough to push it to one side or the other to try to treat anyway.

Pond dye helps to slow it down, but I think the only real cure is more plants and a lot of aeration. The plants are coming on nicely, but the aeration is gonna have to wait till it cools off again.

If I had the forethought last fall when I saw all those leaves falling in the pond, I would have had it running then. Maybe need to look at adding some more bacteria, but I'm not sure if that isnt just throwing money away.


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.10 surface acre pond, 10.5 foot deep. SW LA. The epitome of a mutt pond. BG, LMB, GSF, RES, BH, Warmouth, Longear Sunfish, Gambusia,Mud Minnows, Crappie, and now shiners!!...I subscribe!!