I just went to my local tractor supply store and they had 3 different brands on the shelf. The bummer is you can't tell who makes them or what is in them. They don't list the amount of each dye or what colors are mixed. They all have fancy names that mention blue but they all can't be the same blue??

I picked one that said midnite (notice spelled midnite not midnight) blue. I had hoped that it would be a blue black mix to avoid the face green color which I didn't want. It said one gallon per one acre feet, but this post above mentions that some people got enough color with a quart or a half gallon.

I have only a 1/4 acre or slightly less pond and water table is a bit low so I'll get some dilution if we get any rain or runoff to bring me back to full pool.

Very light winds tonight at sundown, I poured about 8-10 ounces into a BLUE solo cup and threw it in from the shore in about 6 or 7 places which is roughly 60-70 ounces out of 128oz in a gallon. I will see if the wind distributes by morning since my aerator needs a rebuild and is still in the basement. We have a very cool spring so far so no need to aerate for a while.

I'll try to get a picture tomorrow at noon.

I don't need dye for algae control, my crayfish stir the water up enough that it looks tubid most of the time. The leaves add some tannins and usually a little fertilizer runoff also gives me a bloom come June when the water warms up.

But instead of looking at a brown tinged pond all summer I wanted to see what a blue tinged pond might look like smile