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Jeff your water temps are low enough in mid to upper 60s I guess...imagine your DO levels were just fine provided you didn't treat significant areas of the pond with copper. Try to relax, back off the feeding during major weather shifts, [anticipate low feeding at those times], and resume when the weather stabilizes. You worry too much, amigo...enjoy your pond!

Thanks TJ. Every year itís something different. I guess Iím still just a little inexperienced at all this. Five years seems like a long time, but itís always something new..

BM61, yep my pond by Mark Twain Lake is straight west of you. Good news about the Copper Sulfate, and non-effects on feeding. Amazing weather this spring. I always swim by Memorial Day. Maybe not this year..

5 yr old pond, 1 ac, 15' deep.
RES, YP, GS, FHM (no longer), HBG (way too many), SMB, and HSB (rumored..)
I think that's about all I should put in my little pond.