Sure hope so. I have a GBH that visits, but heís been around since day one. (Along with a couple green herons and a few kingfishers).
I hope itís not an otter, but Iíve seen zero evidence of one being around.
Maybe roundy is on the nose. Big pressure drop. Iíll look into it. Itís about 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday.

I havenít changed feeding times, but the feeder was empty for a few days.

Fishing was pretty slow last weekend. We caught 10 YP, 5-6 HBG, 3 RES, and several GS. Grandkids all fishing with worms. No SMB, which is unusual, and of course, no HSB, I havenít seen one in four years. We usually have double those numbers.

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5 yr old pond, 1 ac, 15' deep.
RES, YP, GS, FHM (no longer), HBG (way too many), SMB, and HSB (rumored..)
I think that's about all I should put in my little pond.