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Hello fellas. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and advice. I'm sure its saved me a lot of MONEY already. I have a 4.5 acre pond 45 min south of St Louis that has been around for 50+ years. I just bought it in December an don't have a clear picture of my predatory populations yet. Its only been fished a hand full of times in the winter so far and we have caught a lot of 8-12" bass and a few 8-10" crappie. I have not seen any BG at all yet, but also didn't know there were crappie until last weekend. I have reached out to my local fish farms and am/was planning to have 80lbs of FHM, 500 RES, and a hand full of catfish delivered. Though after reading this and talking to the Mo Dept. of Conservation it seems like I will be putting in a thousand+ dollars of fish in just to have them decimated in weeks by the existing fish. My new idea. I have several small creeks feeding my pond and coves that I can isolate from the rest of the lake. Do you think if I ran mesh fencing and blocked off a section/cove that I could establish an environment to grow large numbers of FHM. Trying to think of a way that I could continually be able to add FHMs to the rest of the lake to sustain faster growing predators, without having them demolished overnight. What are your thoughts?

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What are your goals for the pond?
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