Eric, Thanks for all the information you provide here. So, I got to thinking about it all since I am new to having feed trained lmb in the pond. First off these lmb were provided by Todd Overton from his fish located in Northern Okla. I think they came from a pond of his there. He sold them as a two and a half pond lmb and for the most part they were that size with some of them being a bit larger. We did fin clip them and took out the ones I thought were males based on their size and shape (skinnier and smaller). All in all, I was well pleased with them when he delivered them to the pond. And so I have been sampling some of them through fishing, using plastics along with some double willow leaf spinner baits. I'm a little mentally slow sometimes (DUH !) but since I have caught them on spinners they must be feeding on forage fish or a spinner bait would not attract them. Or at least that is my thinking now. And I have seen some really good RW's and watch these fish when they are hand feed. Last week my water temps were 73 at the surface and 70 at 4 foot deep. I am sure that temp has dropped some in the last couple of days with cooler days along with some rain. I plan to continue to feed them but I may need to get them to change their feeding times some. Or locate and spend the money for a feeder that will throw the Aquamx lmb feed.

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