Ok, where the majority of water enters my pond there is about 4 ravines washed out really bad that I want to fill in. They are each at least 3-4 foot wide and 5-6 foot deep!!! Knowing that I need a LOT MORE limestone for clarity and keeping good ph, should I fill the ravines with maybe softball or grapefruit size limestone rock? What would I cover that rock with? I just feel that if I'm going to spend the money to fill the ravines it should at least benefit the water chemistry during future rains. Any advise? Don't want to waiste money on rock I don't need. Maybe I need to haul a lesser expensive product in first to fill the majority of the ravine first and then top it with rock?? I really don't know what I should do. I don't have near the grass growing around the pond I need yet but will continue to work on that this spring.I spoke to my local friend and dump truck operator last night and he said he can get the rock but it is very expensive.

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