I have an idea to build a one-acre pond at the bottom of a hill in Augusta, Missouri. See topo pic. Each contour is 20 ft. The pond water surface would be at an elevation of 770 ft. The top of the hill is 860 ft. The grade is 21% above the pond.
There is a run-off ravine heading into the pond (green line). A dam would have to be built. The dam would be somewhat V-shaped based on the topo lines and at its greatest height would be 40 ft tall, but only in the middle. Just beyond the pond/dam the valley begins. My property line would be about 70 ft from the dam and hopefully wide enough to allow enough build-up of dam material to terminate at the property line. Is this feasible? Recommendations on a builder? Any guesses on cost? Thanks for this forum and being able to ask pond questions! [img]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z0QCOlfgnxIjcF-NerVlMgJ7BBL3Dhwe/view?usp=sharing[/img]