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And Jeff...I lied to you. I have been using a Rooster Tail brand spinner, not a Mepps and its smaller than a #1 Mepps too, but if your HSB have been in the pond for several years a small spinner will likely get swallowed. I actually had HBG get that small Rooster Tail swallowed pretty deep the other day and I have stepped up to that #1 Mepps. I didn't catch a thing however. But, I have altered my aeration timing to days instead of nights which has the fish out of whack as well. Good fishing to you!

Thanks! Iíve recruited my son in law to help with this project. To catch the uncatchable! We will try anything and everything.
5 yr old pond, 1 ac, 15' deep.
RES, YP, GS, FHM (no longer), HBG (way too many), SMB, and HSB (rumored..)
I think that's about all I should put in my little pond.