Don't want to make my first real post too long, so here goes..

I have a pond (dam) in NE Georgia. When I first bought the property the pond had been stocked with large mouth bass, bream, catfish, and crappie. There were frogs, geese, ducks, snakes, etc, you name it.

The property was originally just an investment, not my home, so I've neglected it for several years, and now it appears to have been taken over by snapping turtles. I don't see any minnows or hear many frogs, just small bream and bass, and loads of turtles sunning in the water.

The dam standpipe has rusted and broken down almost to the point it enters the dam, so the water is down about 3 feet. I'd like to install a new PVC siphon drainage system. Having a hard time finding anyone willing to do it, but I'm still working on that as we "type." wink

Just this week I've started trying to reduce the snapping turtle population a little using milk jug lures. It seems promising---I've caught a couple on the first go 'round with just a dozen jugs.

I'll post a couple of pictures just to get started. Any comments or advice you can offer, at any time, are really appreciated.

View of the dam in the distance:

View from the dam:

Broken off standpipe:

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