This subject could go on and on that's for sure! In 2010 I used Muck Away one year.... Did not much care for it... I switched to a product called C-Flo in 2011. Been using 2 bags of it ever year now. I have seen it work first hand for me along with my air. Although I do, do a couple other things to help this process along.

1. I use air and C-flo combination now for 4 years.

2. I walk around in my pond a lot along the shore in my waiters (why) you may ask? Well I believe it helps break the muck up and stir things up some. Gets things working.

3. I will take a rake a heavy garden type rake drill a hole in the top of the handle and drag it behind my boat around my pond. (In the spring mind you before my chara sets in) I believe this helps dig into the first few inches of the muck and once again gets things activated and moving.

I know by doing these things I have lost at least anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of muck over the last 4 years depending where you are in the pond.

Here is what I can see from it.

1. Pond seems to be much clearer cleaner and no stink.
2. I still have some but not near as much algae in the spring.
3. My fish seem to be very happy and look better than ever!
4. I can actually feel rocks and bottom under my feet when I walk around my pond now. They are still about 3 inches under muck but at least I can feel the now compared to when I first started.

Others are skeptical and that's fine, that's what this is about talking things out and what you think does or don't work.

This is what I can tell you.

Ben. Bacteria by itself is not no quick fix. It takes work and a combination of the things I am doing to help it along.

Now here is the question that I don't know? How much muck would I have lost if I just used air and walked around my pond and pulled the rake behind my boat and never use any B. Bacteria? I don't know cause I started using it right away and never looked back as my process worked so well for me.....


The only difference between a rut and a Grave is the depth. So get up get out of that rut and get moving!! Time to work!!