Yes, your setup looks like it works good.

I have area next to my pond for one or maybe even two small ponds but the ground is flat with no way to get the water out of the hole other than pumping. I do have another area not too far away that I could do like you did easily, but it is not right up against the pond. Only a few hundred feet away though.

So not sure if it would be better to have it right next to the pond but have to pump it out, or a little ways away but have access to the lower part of the dam where a valve could be used. I was thinking about putting a regular pond anyway in the latter area, but it would have been more like an acre pond. So to make it smaller and a forage pond would not utilize the area best.

Decisions, decisions. Got to finish up daughters pond first before I do anything else. Right now she has piles of mud and dirt in her front yard so I imagine she would like me back on that project as soon as the weather allows.

Thanks for the info. In "looking at alternatives" stage right now. When I get more serious might have some questions. I have several old ponds on various farms that I would not mind doing something with. Raising my own forage might be fun to get stockers for those ponds. They are kind of out of the way so probably would never spend a lot of money stocking them. But if I was raising the stuff (even if ended up spending more money in the end smile ), it would not seem so bad to stock them.


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