Sorry if you took offense to our input - I assure you we're merely trying to provide the benefit of our collective experience using FHM as a forage item to temper your expectations. Their role in a fishery serves as a good kickstart for predator fish - but beyond that establishing a self sustaining population is rarely documented. There exist alternate forage sources once the FHM has been extirpated, however - and some fisheries might actually sustain a population of FHM depending on the species and population density of the predators in the fishery. I don't know your goals for this fishery so I couldn't venture to guess if your FHM project will meet your expectations.

Your spawning habitat efforts are great - the forum was merely suggesting your creative efforts might be for naught which is our collective duty as a forum of mentors. Most guys, like myself, rely on that direction which only 1000's of years of fishery/pond management can provide and makes this forum truly unique and invaluable.

Certainly creating different types of spawning structure is a worthwhile endeavor and I'm personally interested in your results - it will add to the library of knowledge for the forum.

Lastly - I enjoyed the experience you related about LMB following someone walking on the makes sense now that I think about it. Smart fish - indirectly using humans as a quail dog!

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. ~ Henry David Thoreau

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