I'll have to ask the guy again about it when we get back in that part of the world. He works at a place we buy welding supplies and had commented about our pond when building it. It had filled about half way and we got to talking about stocking and I told him that we had already added the BG and FHM.

During the conversation I mentioned the guy that sold me the fish had said the FHM would be gone in a couple of years, but under the right conditions with enough cover he had seen ponds maintain FHM populations. Then this guy told me that he had put FHM in his pond a few years back that already had a fish population and he had been able to keep a population of FHM. He could see them in the grass and weeds along the shore line as him and his wife walked around the pond for exercise.

They had noticed LMB would follow them around the pond. As they observed the LMB after a while they figured out that them walking around would scare the FHM and frogs out of hiding and the Bass were following the source of the food production. The LMB learned to associate people walking around the pond with a meal.

It will be a while, but when I get a chance will see if I can find out more about the pond and the conditions. Thousands of miles away from there right now and will not be back for a while yet.

It was that conversation as well as what my fish guy said (Wallace Fish Farms - Charles Wallace) about ponds with adequate cover that led me to create quite a bit of habitat for FHM. But later when Charles brought out the LMB and CC he still did not give me much hope of my efforts paying off. So it is still doubtful from about everyone that I can maintain a population of FHM. Doesn't mean I can't try. I have done things before people said I couldn't do. I'm kind of stuborn that way. One of the reasons I could semi-retire at 55 was at least partially because I did what some people told me I couldn't do.

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