I think you are probably right.

That is what I have been told many times so it is probably right.

I have a neighbor that put FHM in a pond with established bass that shoould have been wiped out. Because of grass and weeds along the shore line they were not. He has maintained a population of FHM in his pond with LMB present. This is what I am trying to re-create, sufficient cover so a population can be maintained.

My pond is too new to have any significant natural cover, so all I can really try for is artificial cover till the natural cover devleops.

I'll probably fail.

But only one way to find out.

I'll report back in a couple more years on how it worked out. But I suspect you are right.

The small BG should enjoy it. Till enough natural cover develops, then again it will probably be moot.

Wasted energy is just another description for having fun. Most of the fun I have is wasted time and energy.

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