1st picture with circle is long leaf pondweed aka American pondweed. 2nd pic is of some either water lily or spadderdock. It is not lotus because the leaves are notched. The flower will also make ID positive. I need better pictures for a more positive ID. If they are lilies and wild ones not planted by someone I highly suggest you not plant them in a pond smaller than 10ac. because wild lilies reproduce rampetly and quickly spread to take over all water shallower than 5-6ft sometimes 8ft by fertile seeds and fragmenting tubers-rhizomes plus quick root spread. Hybrid hardy water lilies do neither and just spread by spreading rhizomes. Wild ones are free but in the end wind up costing you more time and effort controlling them.

Long leaf pond week is a good one. Be careful transferring unwanted piggy back plants with the good plant. This very commonly happens via unseen seeds, plant fragments and residual neighbor roots.

Edited by Bill Cody (11/02/19 10:41 PM)