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#483965 - 12/10/17 09:23 PM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
dhadam Offline

Registered: 12/10/17
Posts: 17
Loc: Ohio
First time post 1 yr reader. My situation is very similar to original post with a twist...trout, rainbow to be specific. I have 1.3 ac linered pond "C" shaped with avg 16' dept obvious steep sides. I made it so deep for trout and since linered it will be difficult to remove sediment in years to come. I have 4 diffusors in this pond and 2 in my .4 acre 6' deep bass pond. I've read Bill Cody's ideas about 24/7 air. What complicates things (I know - I know) is there are also warm water fish in there too like WE, RES, BG, SMB, YP, FHM & CC. The trout are still feeding furiously in the cold. Small pond froze over since air is temporarily off for technical reasons. Large pond is mostly open 95% with 4 stations going full bore at the deepest points. Both ponds stocked with 50 pounds NCF each.

My FIRST question is, do I cut back air to a few hours a day to mitigate stress on the warmer water fish or just let it ride on 24/7? I want to keep open water to keep feeder going to attempt to keep some trout through the summer. I'm in the cooler northeastern Ohio area about 30 minutes from the great lakes where it doesn't get extremely hot but kicks your hiney in the winter. We get a lot of Canadian weather influence here. Probably not much different than Bill C. (love his posts). SECOND question for second shallow pond is same for aeration. I gathered from reading periodic air also - perhaps 4 hours/day.

New pond is just south of crystal clear, trout are loving that. Smaller pond is slightly turbid from proximity to new construction but generally runs clear at 16". TMI? Also, with the ground temp at the deeper depth of the pond (16' - mine is 14' to 18.5') being approx 62 degrees I'm wondering if the thermodynamics will play into "heating" the full body. Also, when I read about the cool temps of the inlet air this time of air I didn't note anyone mention the generous heat generation from friction of the mechanical components and the compression process of air in the heads of the actual air compressor. My background gives me a goodly amount of insight into air compressors to offer this as a thought.

Maybe I just made a blunder but hey, it's a great learning experiment. Thanks in advance for any input anyone can offer. Remember the question is about Ohio trout and warmer fish and how to WINTER then over. I think I have summer covered by all the great posts although sometimes I end up with more head spinning than when I began. LOL. Thanks for humoring me folks. Glad to be part of a great group of folks. Merry christmas!

Ponds from pool house.jpg (155 downloads)
Description: Here is my ponds. Front pond is 20 years old LMB, BCP, GSF, BG, BH, SMB, FHM lots of muck, 7' deep .4 acres. Far pond is new this year FHM, SMB, WE, YP, RBT, HBG, BG, RES. 14 to 16', both aerated. Both habited.

Edited by dhadam (12/11/17 02:11 AM)
NE Ohio, 2 ponds @ 1.3 @ 16' & .5 ac.@ 6'. Aeration x 6 bottom diffusors, 2 HVLP fountains, Honey Hole habitat x 35 pcs, FHM, SMB, WE, RBT, YP, BG, HBG, CC (in newer WE/SMB pond only) 2nd 1/2 ac pond LMB, CC, RSF, SMB, BCP, CBG, HBG, FHM.

#488333 - 04/08/18 10:45 AM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
ryan596 Offline

Registered: 04/18/16
Posts: 29
Loc: neo ohio
Well it's April and it's still snowing here in Ohio but bought a couple of hot water plastic drain pans that I think will keep the diffuser from sinking in muck. Now I just have to come up with a way to attach diffuser tp the pan. Do you guys think these will work? https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/produc...ASABEgK8APD_BwE

#488339 - 04/08/18 01:17 PM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
Rainman Offline
Field Correspondent
Hall of Fame


Registered: 06/06/07
Posts: 6982
Loc: St Louis, MO area
They should work fine....just zip tie your diffuser to the pan and use a small piece of PVC for the diffuser inlet for attachment....


#488340 - 04/08/18 03:03 PM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
snrub Offline

Registered: 10/05/13
Posts: 5282
Loc: SE Kansas
Looks like it should work fine.

I made some mistakes when I originally made some bases for my diffusers. Maybe my experience will save you from making some of the same ones.

My modification to diffuser bases

I subscribe to Pond Boss Magazine

#488346 - 04/08/18 05:29 PM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
Bill Cody Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 04/18/02
Posts: 12550
Loc: Northwest Ohio - Malinta OH
ryan as per suggestions, you will have to first mount the disk diffuser on some sort of PVC frame then mount the assembly onto the drain pan. Provide a picture of your completed diffuser so others can see results of your work. You will need about 10-12 pounds of weight to hold one membrane disk diffuser on the bottom when it receives air and "ballons" with air. I normally mount the pan on top of a used smooth tread car tire. Tire adds enough weight and acts as a sled as you drag it or drop it into the pond. Cut a couple holes in the top side wall so air escapes and it tries to sink.

dhadam - I am very interested in how well your trout survive July & August in a well aerated pond in northern Ohio.

Edited by Bill Cody (04/08/18 05:32 PM)
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#488429 - 04/10/18 08:16 PM Re: 1/2 acre ohio pond help [Re: ryan596]
ryan596 Offline

Registered: 04/18/16
Posts: 29
Loc: neo ohio
Rainman I totally get what your saying about adding a piece of PVC pipe with a Male threaded end to hook up hose since I can't get under once its zip tied. This was my idea drilling two holes and attaching two ropes to lower level and pull in fall.

Shrub your idea is what made me think of this. Little easier and cheaper.

Bill the diffuser it's already on a base. It's like any other diffuser like the vertex kasco etc. Thinks it's a living water aeration base. The PVC tube would attach to base about 6 inches so I can hook air hose to it. Liking the tire idea but that seems very heavy and a pain in the butt of you pull yearly. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a little 13 inch tire wouldn't be bad. Hmmm good idea the more I think about it. May try that if the pan doesn't work but I'd think it would as its giving it a big base

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