So I'm looking for some advice to help me plan on what size of compressor, how many lines and if I can have dual or single diffusers at the end of each line.

I plan on running electrical to the edge of the pond so I can eventually pump some water out to water the lawn by the pond. So I will have the compressor box near the water.

I share a 3.5 acre lake (shaped about like a kidney bean) with my neighbor. My portion is about 2.5 and his about 1.0. My portion is 7' deep on the north end and it gets deeper going south to his end and is about 11' deep. It is a sand pit in central Nebraska. The pond has had fish kills 3 times in 15 years when the water has turned over in the fall (2) and the biggest kill occurred at ice out 2 years ago. Before I spend money on stocking good fish I want to get aeration to help keep and money spent on fish alive. The neighbor is also open to getting aeration and already has electric to the edge of the pond.

I can't seam to figure out what I would need for my portion as the more I learn from reading posts the more I can tell it is as much art as science. When I read up on compressors with diffusers online they will list the surface area of coverage for ponds much deeper. From what I am reading the deeper the pond the greater the surface area the diffuser can affect (Correct). So with a pond only 7-9' deep on my end how large of a compressor and how many diffuser heads would I need.

I was thinking the following based on what I have read according to these guidelines: 0.5 psi per foot of depth and then the CFM needed to maximize the diffuser head(s) is determined by the manufacture?

If I just average the depth to 8' then I would need at least 4 psi theoretically regardless of how many diffusers? correct?

But the amount of volume of air in CFM of some of these pumps is around 4.5 at 10'.

How many diffuser lines do you think I need for the surface area of my portion and how big of a compressor to operate those? Also is the 3/8" weighted line that they sell in these kits large enough diameter? (I thought I read something about 5/8' line on the forum previously)

Thanks for bearing with me I am sure I will have more questions later.